Magnum Ram

Magnum Ram
Magnum Ram Magnum Ram Magnum Ram Magnum Ram Magnum Ram
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Size Chest Arm
X Small 32 inch / 81 cm 11.5 inch / 29 cm
Small 38 inch / 96 cm 13.75 inch / 35 cm
Medium 44 inch / 112 cm 16 inch / 41 cm
Large 50 inch / 127 cm 18 inch / 46 cm
X Large 56 inch / 142 cm 20.5 inch / 52 cm
2X Large 62 inch / 157 cm 22.5 inch / 57 cm



Magnum Ram - the ultimate bench tool


The Magnum Ram has arrived - Manufactured entirely in the United States using premium multi-directional latex, the Magnum Ram is the culmination of 10 years of research and development, since the launch of the original Ram series.


The Magnum Ram is the newest and most revolutionary bench press aid on the market. Designed and constructed by Titan Support Systems in the USA, it boasts the utmost efficiency, strength and durability making it the ultimate bench press training aid available.


Titan designed the Magnum Ram with two goals in mind, improved bench press power and therapeutic assistance.


The patent pending design includes heavy-duty construction and a super strong multi-directional elastic latex core that more accurately mimics the body’s musculoskeletal construction and movements. As a result, The Magnum Ram is more efficient at relieving stress on the shoulder girdle, compared to other devices, because the user does not have to push the elbows against the mechanism.


The Magnum Ram allows for overload training as well as volume training. So, whether you are a raw or equipped lifter, it will assist in protecting and improving your performance.


This is a next generation bench overloading tool, the material was designed specifically for the application and not rehashed using knee wraps. Test one for yourself. Nothing on the market comes close to the Magnum Ram.