Gen 3: Yellow Jacket Knee Sleeves

Gen 3: Yellow Jacket Knee Sleeves
Gen 3: Yellow Jacket Knee Sleeves Gen 3: Yellow Jacket Knee Sleeves Gen 3: Yellow Jacket Knee Sleeves

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New Release

3rd Generation Yellow Jacket
Knee Sleeves


Weight Class Under 47.5-52 kgs 56-60 kgs 67.5-75 kgs 82.5-100 kgs 110-125 kgs 125 kgs+ 125 kgs+ 125 kgs+
Knee Joint Measurement 24-27 cm 28-31 cm 32-35 cm 36-39 cm 40-43 cm 44-48 cm 49-52 cm 53 cm+
Meet Fit 2X Small X Small Small Medium Large X Large 2X Large 3X Large


Note: The new Yellow Jackets are LARGER than the previous version and alternatives on the market. For comparison- Use a size lower for accurate fit.

For example: Large in old Yellow Jacket = Medium in Gen 3 Yellow Jackets. If unsure, please refer to the measuring chart for accurate fit.





The New Yellow Jacket features additional enhancements from its predecessor which include:


Reinforced tubular design

Upgraded 7mm high density neoprene material

Minimal taper, ideal for athletes with large calves or those who want to size down aggressively

Maximum Legal Coverage: Full 30cm Length Size


The new Black Edition Yellow Jackets are Titan's latest 7mm full length knee sleeve.

They feature the unique double-action X pattern seam construction crossing the patellar (knee cap) which maximises legal compression for raw powerlifting. In the second action, the seam acts to ensure maximal warmth is applied to the knee ligaments and tendons.

Unlike the competition, the Yellow Jackets are made with a stiffer and tougher material. Other brands have compromised on stability by producing rubberband-type sleeves where the elastic gives the illusion of tightness but stretches out when you squat.


The stff material of the yellow jackets allows for maximum stability giving the individual consistent tightness throughout the lift.

Smaller sizes can be used as an alternative to elbow sleeve with the X pattern seam complimenting the elbow joint.

IPF approved and legal for all raw competition meets.  All sizes are 30cm length and maximum 7mm thickness.