Signature Gold™, Knee Wraps

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The Signature Golds are the culmination of our 35 years in product development. They are the pinnacle of the wraps in our stable.

Our research and development team have achieved the ultimate wrap, which provides unparalleled maximum tension and rebound.

Selected by elite lifters across the globe for use in international events, the Signature Gold is Titan's most supportive wrap.

The Signature Golds are made in the USA and hand-stitched by our experienced craftsmen, which guarantees that it is the most durable wrap on the market. 

Avoid the cheaper alternatives sourced from Alibaba/Pakistan that are plaguing in the market. They are defined by poor build quality and stretch out in 1-2 months of use.


Please note: Only 2.0M knee wraps are IPF approved within the Titan range


Signature Gold Strength Signature Gold Performance