Longhorn™: Lever, Cosmic Metallic Leather

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Gold lever is available as an upgrade purchased separately. 

Texas Belts


Size Measurements to center hole Minimum hole size Maximum hole size
X Small 26 inch / 66 cm 21 inch / 53 cm 31 inch / 79 cm
Small 30 inch / 76 cm 25 inch / 63 cm 35 inch / 89 cm
Medium 34 inch / 86 cm 22 inch / 73 cm 39 inch / 99 cm
Large 38 inch / 96 cm 33 inch / 83 cm 43 inch / 109 cm
X Large 42 inch / 106 cm 37 inch / 93 cm 47 inch / 119 cm
2X Large 46 inch / 116 cm 41 inch / 104 cm 51 inch / 129 cm
3X Large 50 inch / 127 cm 44 inch / 112 cm 50 inch / 140 cm

IPF ApprovedMade in Texas, USA

Please select sizing that is the closest to the center hole
Selecting a hole size closer to minimum or maximum sizes could result in human error due to overestimation


Metallic Leather Powerlifting Belt


Texas Belts Lever Handcrafted in the USA Premium Leather Hides & Skins Backed by Lifetime Warranty


The Cosmic Metallic leather limited edition belt is unique to Titan Australia. Handcrafted exclusively in Texas using Metallic finished leather.

The belt is sublimely handcrafted from Longhorn cattle leather, featuring Metallic finished leather, which presents itself with a striking premium look and feel.

Unlike most of our belts that are traditional in design and finish, the Cosmic Metallic belt is modern and futuristic.

Avoid generic Pakistani rebranded belts that use inferior materials masquerading as "leather" and are often made using child labour.


Leather is a breathing and living material, it is imperative that the proper care and maintenance is carried out on the belt to maintain optimal conditions.


Free Bickmore Leather Conditioner



TEXAS BELTS – A  Tradition of Manufacturing the Finest Quality Powerlifting Belts.

TEXAS BELT LEVER – features a super strong alloy with a satin pearlised nickel finish. The heaviest and strongest lever on the market. Made in USA.

DOUBLE STITCH – revered double Texas stitch.

LIFETIME WARRANTY – on prong mechanism and structural integrity of the belt.


LEATHER – features Nevada Gunholster engraved Longhorn leather.


PREBROKEN – all our belts are prebroken by our master craftsmen and ready for use. No need to spend months to years in agony breaking it in.


4”x 4” Width (10 cm x 10cm)


10 mm Thickness


IPF Approved


Made in USA


Texas Belts…The Strongest and Most Durable Belt on the Market!  Period!


IPF Approved

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