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Brahma™: Quick Release, American Bison

IPF Approved. True 13mm belt expertly finished in exotic American Bison. Made in Texas by our experienced craftsmen. Durability reinforced with our lifetime warranty.

$260.00 $209.0020% off
Brahma™: Quick Release, Nevada Gunholster

IPF Approved. The Brahma™ Quick Release Nevada Gun Holster belt is unique to Titan Australia. Handcrafted exclusively in Texas using Gun Holster leather sourced from Navada, the belt encapsulates the Wild West.

$260.00 $209.0020% off
Gen 3: Yellow Jacket Knee Sleeves

IPF Approved. Be seen, heard and noticed like the Texan Yellow Jacket! Modeled on the aggressive Texan wasp, our knee sleeves are just as durable and effective at striking fear into your opponents! 

$99.00 $85.8013% off
Magnum Ram

All new revolutionary heavy-duty bench press aid from Titan Support Systems. Entirely made in the United States using multi-directional latex.

$165.00 $126.5023% off

The only utility bench shirt product on the market. Designed to replicate the bench shirt, manufactured with our own unique materials. Perfect for the raw lifter looking to move into shirted benching.

$99.00 $86.9012% off
Super Ram

Bigger and badder version of the original Ram. The Super Ram is specifically designed as the ultimate overloading tool for the aspiring bench presser. The only one-piece solid chest panel product on the market.

$130.00 $110.0015% off
Titan Katana: Straight Sleeve, Blue, Size 42

IPF Approved.

$250.00 $187.0025% off
Bushido-Samurai Triumph Singlet

IPF Approved, GPC Compliant. The Bushido-Samurai singlet is the result of the creative expression of a leading U.S. based artist. The singlet embodies the Samurai culture and Bushido code. Sewn in Texas by experienced seamstresses using our revolutionary Comprexx© fabric. Specifically made for powerlifting.

$135.00 $115.5014% off
Deadlift Slippers

IPF Approved. Minimalistic sole ensuring athlete is at lowest point toi the ground, facilitating shorter distance lockout. Rubber bottom providing pure grip for maximising stability.

$32.00 $24.2024% off
Titan Australia T-Shirt

Official Titan Australia logo.

$30.00 $19.8034% off